Some Information about Hand-E-Track
"Necessity is the mother of invention."
Simple is Best

At HandETrack, we know a few things about necessity and inventing. We have extensive experience working with trucks in the rough and tumble Baja, Mexico off-road environment. It was during one of our frequent trips that we began to realize that we needed something different, something better, something smarter.

We had used all sorts of E-Track, etc, throughout our outfitting of our trucks and cargo racks - but what we really wanted was a quick, easy way to hard-mount cargo, brackets, heck... just about anything in a quick and adjustable manner. We had cargo like fire extinguishers, jacks, tools, shovels, tool boxes and even motorcycles that we needed to be able to secure for the hundreds of off-road, out-in-no-man's-land desert of baja.

Thus, the HandETrack fastener was born, patented and ready for you to put to work.